Learning Activity – Kick Start to Graphic Design

“I have been lost for many years, but I found myself now” – My 29 year old self.

My name is Marialyn and I am from the Philippines. I love coffee with creme especially on a rainy day. I play the drums, piano and guitar. I occasionally sing when I have to (I am not really a fan of direct attention). It has always been my dream to be a graphic designer. I believed that I can always excell on the things that I really like doing thus the reason why I am bad with Math. Drawing and computer facinates me since 2003. I remember using Paint at that time and thought that it was amazing. Those were the days before I met Adobe Photoshop.

I started exploring PS when I was 15. In this age, I knew I was interested on digital arts and media but I didn’t had guts to go for it for a tons of reason. Some of them are because, Arts is not a big deal in the Philippines and it is known to be a “low-salary occupation“. My parents wanted me to go on the medical path and I obliged but later found out that I wasn’t happy. I lost my motivation.

When I was 17, I had my first client. I made a CD Cover for a choir which I am a member of. Words quickly spread like a wildfire after that. People came to me and asked if I could design something for them and I did eventhough, I didn’t had confidence that time. Some of the first projects I made were; Wedding Invitations, Tarpaulin designs and a Yearbook for Union Theological Seminary. I was hesitant to make the latter but I did despite no basic knowledge of rules in printing. I made more than a hundred pages below the recommended resolutions and was told to re-do everything. My heart skipped a beat but my brain said, “let’s do it again“. I had to re-submitt in less than two weeks. I made it with some sleepless nights with the help of coffee. Funny thing is that, my cramming brain made better results than the initial designs – I was joyful even on a zombie-state. That’s when I knew that I was made for this.

Fastforward 2013, I enrolled in Kraftskolen SBI (Bibleschool) under TV and Media where I learned a lot about filming and editing. I worked as a youth worker in a church in 2014 – 2017 where one of my main work load is to make posters/ads for the youth meetings every week.

I now work independently as a content ang blog manager for K-opencloset for a close friend of mine. I also co-manages facebook and instagram account of the said blog while also working part-time as a Sandwich Artist at SUBWAY.

My biggest motivation for this study is to boost my confidence and gain all the knowledge and skills that I need for becoming a “professional”. I also credit my husband, Kim (29), for pushing me and supporting me for this one. It sure took me long, but hey! Better late than sorry!

– Marialyn Saluberes


    1. Jade Cabalit

      Just like you, I lost motivation when I realized I wasn’t really happy with the field my mom chose for me. I’m a licensed teacher but decided to focus on vlogging. Haha. You’re such an inspiration. By the way, the logo and the youtube banner that you made were superb! I really really like it! So proud of you of choosing what makes you really happy.

      Liked by 1 person

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