Moodle Map

For this week’s task, we were asked to make our own Moodle map. Moodle is a learning platform designed to provide educators, administrators and learners a personalised learning environments. – (Reference:

I’d like to call it – our classroom. The forum inside Moodle is the meeting place where we can post questions and discuss school stuff. This is very necessary for our online studies here at Noroff.

Here is my Moodle map inspired by the film, UP! I used pencil and colored it with highlighters. It was fun making it. I created this because I see Moodle as new home where I can develop my knowledge and skills. I believe that we are given Moodle (cabin) as a platform but it is up to us to explore and use it to be able to succeed. The hook, Dashboard, is a bridge for connectivity and the balloons represents the things that are necessary for us to get to our end goal.

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