Idea Development


As for this week, we were asked to answer 3 questions in which requires problem solving.


  • A man is replacing a wheel on his car, when he accidentally drops the four nuts used to hold the wheel on the car. They fall into a deep drain, irretrievably lost. A passing girl offered him a solution that enables him to drive home. What is it?

My answer:

She could offer him a ride home but this would not solve the problem. The girl recommended taking one nuts & bolts out of 3 other wheels to enable the other wheel to function. 2 could be enought but 3 will make it stronger.

  • Two Russians walk down a street in Moscow. One Russian is the father of the other Russian’s son. How are they related?

My answer:

They are husband and wife.

  • What occurs once in June, once in July and twice in August?

My answer:

The letter, “U“. This one is the easiest 🙂

  • Six drinking glasses stand in a row, with the first three full of water and the next three empty. By handling and moving only one glass at a time, how can you arrange the six glasses so that no full glass stands next to another full glass, and no empty glass stands next to another empty glass? What is the minimum number of moves to solve this puzzle?

This one is tricky. I could not crack it until I decided to draw them for visuals.

My Answer:

The answer is pouring glass number 5’s water into glass number 2. This way it can achieve the alternate state that the riddle requires with only one move.


Mcdonald’s has been around before I was born. Growing up with it around made me curious as to how did they became a leading fast-food chain in the world today. Buy using the scamper method we will be able to see what are the factors that made them successful.









Identified by Alex Osborn and later arranged by Bob Eberle

The McDonald family has been interested in the restaurant business since 1937. The brothers Maurice and Richard moved to San Bernardino, California and renamed the restaurant “McDonald’s Bar-B-Que”. They later realized that their most profitable product were the Hamburgers, so they closed their carhops to establish a streamlined system.


BBQ’s -> Hamburgers and Cheeseburgers

Potato Chips -> Fries

Apple pie -> Milkshake

The name “McDonald’s Bar-B-Que” -> “McDonald’s”


The McDonald brothers insisted that their architect design an attention catching building that would highlight their Speedee Service System. The Architect came up with the “Red & White” design, but, feeling that the roof was too flat, Dick McDonald combined arches on the building. Thus, the birth of the “Golden Arches”.

They also combined franchising with real estate with services and amenities. One of the most popular product was the combination of the food and toys which made up McDonald’s Happy Meal.


In 1961, Ray Kroc bought the brothers out for $2.7 million after being a franchisee for 6 years. He then adapted their ideas and invented the concept of fast food. He also adapted the “Golden Arches” design that made McDonald’s recognizable from afar.


– They Magnified the “Golden Arches” design into their campaign that gave sales a big boost. The advertisement, “LOOK FOR THE GOLDEN ARCHES” played such significant role into developing of the McDonald’s Corporation.

– Kroc also encouraged faithfulness to the system’s method. Its operating system required franchisees to follow the fundamental principle of quality, cleanliness, & value. However, he was also open for the added menu ideas of franchisees such as, Filet-O-Fish, Big Mac and Egg muffin etc.

– They were also in constant research and experiments on how to improve their system.


Even though McDonald’s is a fast food restaurant, they made use of the space to give customer the best experience. Their added services and amenities* opened for other purposes such as play date, meetings and event hosting.

*Services and Amenities includes: Free wifi, PlayPlaces and Parties.


– McDonald’s growth was constant, but so as the changes over time. They elimination were vital for the evolution of the company. One of the major things that they abolished was “Speedy” (a pudgy character in a chef’s hat).

– Further changes were also implemented to give way for the fast-food-feel they were aiming for. They went as far as turning off the heating on their restaurants to prevent people from overstaying or wanting to stay longer.

– Throughout the years, the management eliminated some of the “menu ideas” from his franchisees: The Hulaburger (Burger with a slice of pineapple & a slice of cheese), pizza, fajitas, pasta & fried chicken from their main menu due to slumping.


– A significant part of the success of the McDonald’s lies in its striking logo design. The “Golden Arches, although eliminated on the building design, makes up the major part of its identity. They also change the way restaurant works – eat and then, pay. They have rearranged it so that it will not require waitresses. It’s a great idea!



We have been given a teaspoon to make a new objects using the scamper principle. I think its interesting and challenging!

So, what can we do with a teaspoon? Here are some of the ideas I squeezed of my brain.

Substitute & Combine

I took a teaspoon and stared at it for a long time. I looked at it and saw an upside down reflection of myself and ta-da! It birthed the idea of recreating the teaspoon . By combining this elements we will be able to re-make them into; 1. “Foldable mirror” and 2. as a “Magnifying glass”.

  1. The compact teaspoon mirror has a cool feature – a handle which can stick out for you to easily grab on.
  2. Who wouldn’t love an idea of a compact magnifying glass that you can take anywhere where curiousity lies? I do.

I think this could be a hit because it is handy and can fit in absolute anywhere.


I think this is the silliest one but here it is! A Guitar pick made of plastic teaspoon. I made this one because unfortunately, I’m a bit clumsy when I play the guitar sometimes. I always thought that pick should have a lace or something.


This metal teaspoon when cut in the middle of the base can become – a needle. Huge needle you might say? But it is not your typical one. It is intended for 2-3 cm yarn. Intended for making a huge cross-stich or a fur ball. By MODIFYING the teaspoon, we can create huge cross-stich, a furball and much more.

Put it to other use

Anomemeter an instrument for measuring the speed of the wind. Well, I think this one will appeal to pet owners since the anemometer is small and will only fit in a pet-house. I use the teaspoon as it is and PUT IT TO OTHER USE.

Eliminate & Rearrange

Teaspoons are also made in all kinds of elements including plastic. Throwing them will only harm our environment. However, we can always reuse them. So, what I did here was ELIMINATING the handle and neck to form the bowl/hollow. Turning them into a table lampshade or a cute vase.


The last task was to make a rice packaging using the scamper principle. I did some time brainstorming with myself and I wanted to make an organic one.

Rice is the major source of carbohydrates in asia where I come from and I have some issues with some of the packaging company use. For starters, I am not a fan of plastic containers because it is bad for the environment and sure does make a weird smell to the rice. Some packaging already made it with a carton which is made of paperboards but still has the plastic inside.

So I am proposing this organic rice packaging.

Organic Rice Packaging

What I did here was SUBSTITUTE plastic with organic materials. I COMBINED the idea of water jug and the paperboard box. The container will be in a good-refillable size and will not require consumers to buy them all the time. The reason behind this is simple. I want to ADAPT the usage of the container to be reused as it should be. I MODIFIED the material by using only biodegradable material.

So, how about the material to use for the refill? A jute fabric can be PUT TO OTHER USE.

“So far, there has been consistent evidence indicating that exposure to plastics and the additives therein may lead to a variety of health complications. Plastic particles have been found in human feces, for example –but what does plastic do to our bodies? To summarize: endocrine disrupting chemicals, often used to make plastic clear and durable, are associated with a disruption in fertility cycles, delayed neurodevelopment in children, immune disorders, and a higher risk of hormone-related cancers.”Plastic Health Coalition

ELIMINATING the plastic is good for our mother nature and good for our health, too!

I REARRANGED the rice box making the opener to be at the bottom instead of the top side for 2 reasons. 1. Putting it on the bottom will make it easier to get the amount that we need at a time without over spilling. 2. The way to get more rice and reuse the container is by refills. The problem with an opener on the top is that, the old rice will not not be able to circulate because refilling from the top will only leave the old rice on the buttom (unless the rice is all used up).

That is why I think that this could be the best solution for the packaging.

Thank you for reading! Let me know your thoughts below. 🙂

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