Delving Deeper Into the History of Photography

This week’s task is to pick three events in the timeline from this week’s lesson History of Photography: An Introduction, and find photographs of the event on the Internet or in the library and write a paragraph explaining the event in more detail. Include your photographs in the description.

I chose the Daguerreotype, Ambrotype and Tintype.


Is one of the first form of photography that went successful. It was named after Louis-Jaques-Mande Daguerre of France. He invented the technique together with Nicephore Niepce in 1830’s. By 1839, Daguerre perfected the process. It was made by coating the sheet of copper or silver and polishing it to a mirror-like finish after adding some chemicals and exposing it to light.


Has a mirrorlife-finish.

Images tend to show negative when being viewed in an angle.

Needed to be cased to prevent it from discoloration or deterioration

Source: Britannica Encyclopedia


This process in quite similar to a Deguerreotype only, it is made on a thin piece of glass ranther than a sheet of copper. It needs to be coated with iodized collodion while dipping it in silver nitrate. It then reacts with white and creates a negative image. However, it is dependent on a dark background to see the image fully showing highlights, shadow and depth.


Also known as ´collodion positives´

The full image appears only if placed over a dark background.

Velvet is usually used on the back of the photograph

No mirror-like appearance.


Almost done like the Ambrotype process. The only difference is that, it is done on a thin sheet of metal painted in black instead of casing it. The invention of tintype in 1853 by a Frenchman named Adolphe-Alexandre Martin.



Made on a metal surface

Not cased

Wet collodion process

The instant photo of the 18th century.

Research, written and practical assignment
Go to the library or search on the Internet and find a photograph from the 19th century (taken before 1900). Write a short “think piece” about this photograph. You are free to select any image you would like to write about, as long as the photograph was taken during the 19th century. Examine the photograph carefully and write about what you see and what the photograph makes you think about.

For this task, I choose this photograph on sale on Ebay

Source: Ebay

I chose this particular picture because I love Paris! This phograph was taken in 1889.

Photographer/Credit: Unknown / RMP Archive
Photo Image Date: 1889
Image ID: LC1656

Paris photo showing the Eiffel Tower and Paris Exposition buildings on the Champ de Mars, as seen from the Trocadéro. The Eiffel Tower was built in 1889 to serve as the entrance arch to the Paris World’s Fair.

  • Museum Grade Archival Real Silver Halide Light Exposed Print
  • Professionally Restored Archive Image
  • Borderless, Gloss Print
  • Fits Standard 11×14 Size Frames and Mats
  • Sealed In Protective Plastic With Backing Board
  • Print Type:Real Silver Halide Photograph – Kodak Endura Gloss

The photograph also tells about the history or birth of this magnificent metal arch not knowing if the tower will either stay after the fair or not. Although this was already restored now, I believe that the photographer used the Tintype process on this one. It was the most popular processing on that time.


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