Basic Principles of Layout & Pace and Contrast

I used a magazine for this. Most magazines are using the column grid layout. In this case, it is a three -column. Three column are using a proportional width.

Although both sides are in three column, the left page shows images while the other side used only text and a quote.

Pace and Contrast

I used a book to compare on an online article.

The book uses a layout that is easy for the eyes to read – the even number column. This shows a 2 column vertical grid and are most common type to use in a book.

The online article/website are more flexible – it also has an uneven space in the column. The only thing that is different from the book is that, the text is mainly in one column.


Website screenshot

Book ImageHageselskapets: Løker og Knoller by Tommy Tønsberg and Kenneth Ingebretsen

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