Get the Basics Right

What is the Internet?

The Internet is a global collection of networks and data used as a platform for sharing information across the web. It was first established in 1969 and is owned by no one. Although nobody owns it, there is a non-profit group named, “Internet Society”, that oversees the informations and protocols that defines how users interact with the internet.

The Internet is also very systematic and makes communication available for us users to keep in touch (virtualy) with anyone around the world who uses the same platform.

What is a browser?

A browser is an application user uses to get to the internet. It allows users to have an access, download, upload and view informations from the net. A browser can also show features such as in a form of text, photographs or images, video, audio, animations etc.

There area handfull list of browsers since but, the top ones (as of 2019) are Google Chrome, Opera, Firefox, Internet Explorer and Safari.

What is an HTML?

HTML stands for Hypertext Markup Language. It is a text code that makes up how a web page is structured. It is mainly used and recommended by the world wide web including all browsers on desktop or mobile.

An HTML file always contains an open < and a close > tag. Although this is a text-code file, it is best to use a software or an application that allows a user to write in plain mode and that can be saved later on as .html extension. HTML also can be combined with CSS and Javascript. It is also is an open source that are free to use.

Here is an example of how HTML looks like

Web Design Brief

Now, a webdesigner can ultimately make a bomb website for any client but, to make this possible, one must have a detailed briefing session that includes all possible questions and maintain a good communication with one another.

10 Briefing Questions from the lectures and additional 10 from me:

  1. What kind of visitors are you expecting on your website?
  2. Who are your competitors and how do you differ from them?
  3. What actions do you want visitors to take on the site?
  4. What is your deadline for completing the site? how big is the budget?
  5. What features should be use on your website?
  6. Please list the names of three sites that you like and explain what you like about them.
  7. Do you have any colour preferences? What should the look and the feel of the website be?
  8. Who will be the contact person for this project?
  9. What do you want in your site in terms of text, content, colour sand graphic elements?
  10. Who will be the one responsible for maintaining the website? Will the person have the time and skills to do so?
  11. Is it a combination of JAVASCRIPT, CSS, and HTML?
  12. Does it involve or require;
    • eCommerce
    • Scripting to respons to user input
    • Info forms
    • Database
    • Social media buttons (FB, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest etc.)
    • Blog
    • Forum
    • Member Log-in and Sign-up
    • Online chat features
    • Subscription services
    • Event calendars
    • Printer friendly options
  13. What information must always be visible?
  14. Are we expecting heavy traffic on the site?
  15. What are the other domain names you will consider if the main choice is not available?
  16. What type of website?
  17. What are your core values and how do you express them to the users?
  18. Do you have brand style guide you can provide for reference?
  19. Do you have files and content ready for me and do you have full rights to those?
  20. Are you in need of; if not, can you provide the originals for me?
    • Logo
    • Favicon
    • Tagline

List of my Ultimate Questions out of this 20:

This wasn’t an easy task since I want to use all 20 and even more but, here are the things that I plan on using so far.

This is the second part of our task and I listed this based on my understanding of what I learned from how to design a website.

List of well designed website: Based on the interface, easy to use and navigate, Font and color choices, clean look etc.


List of bad designed website: The list is based on my opinion of how it should not be designed as well as, the colors, font choices, clutter, hard to navigate, etc.


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