Create A Logo

Practical Assignment (observation and analysis)

Develop a name for a dog food product. Design a logo for this product, using full colour. The logo must contain a main visual and typography. (Use the “People Saving Pets” logo as a guide – this does not mean your design should be the same, it is simply an example.) Follow each of the fundamental steps outlined above, in that sequence and take note of what needs to be handed in as you progress through these steps:

  • Exploration – Use sketching techniques to draw thumbnails and hand in your thumbnails as scanned PDFs.
  • Focus – Highlight three of the thumbnail ideas that you consider the best options and state why. Hand in an A4 with visuals of the three chosen thumbnails; include reasons for choosing each of these three options.
  • Construction – Use sketching techniques and redraw ONE of your chosen concepts until you’ve reached a conclusion on a successful logo. Hand in your drawings as scanned PDFs.
  • Testing – Experiment more with your favourite options from Step 3 and ask the opinion of a few people. Hand in examples of the logos shown to people and write their feedback or opinion on each.
  • Refinement – Choose your final design and execute it in Adobe Illustrator, along with the name of the product. Hand in your final logo as an A4 PDF.

Picking the 3 best I think fits the name, PrimePaw, I chose these:

  1. I think this looks good and shows a healthy leaping dog.
  2. This icon looks attentive and also healthy.
  3. I thing converting the W into paw is a great idea.

I surveyed around and they said no.2 is the best but some suggested to put in the missing P instead. So, I went and made it digital to test it with different colors.

I like this but something looks empty. I also thought of the color violet because it resounds with “prime” or royal.

I did some changes and tried to refined it even more. I chose the color orange because it represent appetite and green because it means natural and healthy.

I then added a tagline; Premium Dog Food to complete the look.

Final Logo:

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